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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We founded THE BLACK CIGAR FESTIVAL to promote and support Black Owned Cigar Brands and Lounges, while giving back to children literacy programs, and donating proceeds to HBCU Scholarships. 

We  have grown to supporting all Black businesses, while still focusing our giving back to children literacy and higher education.

But still there is more work to be done.  More change, more support, more diversity.  There is a greater vision waiting for manifestation. 


Through our growth process comes CHANGE, not only in the VISION, We are not just giving, but also helping to be the building blocks for change, while also helping to strengthen our communities through education.  Our love of the leaf shows through our events, as we love sharing our passion with others.  We know every event, every vendor, every sponsor, every attendee, and every customer counts.  So we strive to make your experience as rewarding and enjoyable as possible. Check it out our Events and Products for Yourself!

Meet The Team

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